60% Alps PCB - Out of Stock


*Currently Sold Out - New Stock Coming in May!*

KeebMeUp's take on the Plain60 Alps Edition.

Just solder in your own switches, install VIA on your computer & adjust your layout to your liking!

Ships with factory soldered diodes and VIA firmware, no flashing required to change layouts!

Fits any GH60 Compatible 60% aftermarket case!

This PCB only supports Alps switches.


  • USB-C
  • VIA Support
  • Pre-Installed Reset Switch
  • Optional Piezo Buzzer (Programmable with QMK - Purchase Buzzer Here)

Compatible with the following layouts:

  • TaiHao ANSI & ISO
  • IBM 5140
  • BAE
  • Focus
  • WKL ANSI (Dell, SGI, etc.)
  • DCS Alps
  • HHKB
  • Tsangan
  • Stepped Capslock
  • Split Left Shift, Split Right Shift, Split Backspace.

Stabilizer Support:

  • MX PCB Screw-In
  • Alps/Matias
  • Costar
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VIA Software Download Link: https://caniusevia.com/

Piezo Buzzer Purchase Link: Purchase Buzzer Here


This is a modified version of the Plain60 Alps Edition which was designed by Evelien Dekkers (https://github.com/evyd13/plain60-alps-edition)

Plain60 License: https://github.com/keebmeup/plain60-alps-edition/blob/main/LICENSE

KeebMeUp Revision Github Link (https://github.com/keebmeup/plain60-alps-edition)


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