Alps SKCM Cream Dampened (Tactile)
  • Alps SKCM Cream Dampened (Tactile)

Alps SKCM Cream Dampened (Tactile)

Quantity: 10 Switches


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Alps SKCM Cream Dampened Switches

Desoldered cleanly. No broken legs.

Switches are tested working with a multimeter.

Condition: No cleaning or lubing required.

Type: Tactile


-Pine variant.

-Removing dampeners is recommended. Produces a switch that resembles the feel of SKCM Orange/Salmon.

-As with all Alps switches, due to age & use, there may be tactility inconsistencies between switches. If you experience this, you may need to perform a paper mod (Paper Mod Files here - Print on A4 paper) or slightly bend the internal tactile leaf back to 90 degrees to make them consistent to your standard, as shown here

-Switches will arrive pre-assembled.

-Minimum quantity per order is 10 switches.

-Please refer to the KeebMeUp FAQ for any questions about switch conditions.