Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I'm having an issue or I have a question. What is the best way to contact you?

A: Email, message me via Reddit (u/Andj00) or join our Discord (


Q: What is included in the price?

A: Tax & Continental USA shipping is included in the price, as well as the convenience of purchasing rare, sought after keyboard parts without needing to do the dirty work of identifying, bidding, desoldering, cleaning, converting, etc. We do that hard work for you, and this work is reflected in the pricing of our items.


Q: Help! Some of my switches are not registering!

A: Do not be alarmed. Due to the nature of vintage switches there can always be issues. Please contact me ASAP for replacements!


Q: I'm so bored with MX switches! What do you recommend I try next?

A: Alps SKCM/SKCL, Topre, IBM Model F, IBM Model M, Space Invaders, Microswitch SD, Microswitch SW


Q: What is your experience with Vintage Switches?

A: I am a keyboard enthusiast and have been in the keyboard hobby for a few years now. In that time, I found myself moving away from MX switches due to being unsatisfied with them. During my journey collecting vintage keyboards, I have come across literally thousands of vintage switches. I have knowledge of when switches need cleaning, lubing and can rate them consistently from look and feel.


Q: Why do enthusiasts tend to prefer vintage switches (like Alps) to modern MX-style switches?

A: Prior to 2015, when Cherry still held the patent on MX-type switches, options for mainstream keyboard switches were much more limited than they are today. During this time, people were desparate for alternatives to Cherry MX, and often times hunted for vintage switches that felt better than MX Red, Brown, Blue. It was obvious at the time how superior these vintage switches were to the Cherry OEM offerings. However, fast forward to the present (post-2015, after Cherry MX's patent had run out) there are now a plethora of new MX-type clone switches available (Zeal, Holy Panda, Kailh Box, etc.). Thankfully, many of these MX clones are far superior to their genuine Cherry MX counterparts, but the tactile and clicky switches have not yet surpassed the vintage switches, even in 2020. Thus, when comparing Alps to MX offerings, it is still obvious that vintage switches such as Alps are often times more tactile and have a more pleasant click and feel. In terms of discrete switches, if you are a fan of tactility and/or clickiness, Alps SKCM and others will still hold supreme, even in 2021 and beyond.


Q: Why are newcomers hesitant to enter the vintage keyboard community?

A: Newcomers can often be hesitant to approach vintage switches due to them being hard to find, keycaps having limited options and PCBs/Plates not being readily available commercially. Furthermore, there are no commercially prebuilt keyboards using genuine vintage switches. hopes to fix each of those issues for newcomers.


Q: What Alps switches would be good options for me?

A (Linear Fans): If you're a fan of Linears, the more widely available options are SKCL Green & SKCL Yellow. Green is a lighter weighting than Yellow. These switches are unique to MX Linears in that they contain an inherent, small tactile event.

A (Tactile Fans): If you're a fan of Tactiles, the more widely available options are SKCM Orange & SKCM Salmon. Orange is a lighter weighting than Salmon. Orange and Salmon are both comparable to Holy Panda MX switches. A step up in terms of tactility from Orange/Salmon would be SKCM Brown, which no other MX tactile switch can compare to in any way. SKCM Brown is simply in a tier of its own.

A (Clicky Fans): If you're a fan of Clickies, the widely available options are SKCM White Pine or SKCM White Bamboo. Pine White feels a bit better than Bamboo White, but both are vastly superior to clicky MX switches, including Box Click switches. A step up in terms of key feel from SKCM White would be SKCM Blue or SKCM Amber. SKCM Blue feels crisper and more elegant than SKCM White, and SKCM Amber is far more tactile than SKCM Blue or SKCM White.


Q: How do you rate the quality of your switches?

A: While other people try to use 1-10 or 1-5 rating systems, I denote the quality simply as:

-No Cleaning & Lubing Required

-Cleaning & Lubing Recommended

-Cleaning & Lubing Required


Q: Why are some of the vintage switches you offer Ultrasonic cleaned but others are not?

A: I only Ultrasonic clean vintage switches that I feel need it done. If I rate the initial condition of the switch to be fine, then I will leave the switch as-is. If you prefer to have your batch of switches Ultrasonic cleaned, please contact me directly and we can arrange it.


Q: What should I do if I need a specific quantity of switches that you do not currently have advertised for sale?

A: Contact me! Happy to try to work something out.


Q: Do you offer International Shipping?

A: Yes, International Shipping is available at an extra fee.


Q: My shipped item still says Pre-Shipment via Tracking after a few days, has it shipped yet?

A: Yes your item has shipped if you have received a Tracking Number. If it still says Pre-Shipment, there is a chance it was not scanned prior to departure. It will be scanned in at the very least once it is Out for Delivery.


Q: Will you Solder/Desolder/Clean my switches for me?

A: Yes, we offer soldering, desoldering and cleaning services.


Q: Will you Lube my switches for me?

A: Unfortunately I have stopped offering a lubing service as it is too time-consuming. But I will be creating a lubrication guide for Alps switches soon!


Q: What do you use to Lube your Alps switches?

A: NyoGel 760G


Q: What kind of Desoldering tool do you use?

A: Hakko FR-301


Q: How do you Ultrasonic Clean your switches?

A: 3L 120W Ultrasonic Cleaner + Soap


Q: What do you use to convert your vintage keyboards to USB?

A: Usually Pro Micro + Soarer's Firmware


Q: Why do your MechMarket posts always get downvoted?

A: Unfortunately there are a certain group of vintage gate-keepers who do not like when people separate keyboards from old computer terminals or desolder switches from old hardware. They tend to follow my posts on Reddit and downvote them. I guess it makes them feel better. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯